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Star Watermark Professional 2.0

Star Watermark Professional can watermark your images, photos and graphics
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As the name suggests, Star Watermark Professional is a program that helps you watermark your photos, images or graphics.
The interface is well structured and doesn’t require advanced knowledge to use it. All the functions are at sight and it has a pleasant design. It gives you the possibility to create and edit a template you are going to use. This tool can use both text and image watermarks. These two options are nicely separated, so you won’t get confused. If you use the text mark, you can set its font and color, its location on the image or the offset. You may change the level of transparency, add a shadow to the text, or draw an edge.

When you edit your watermark, the program shows you a preview image, so you can see the changes that you intend to do. The image mark has fewer options, allowing you to change the location, the rotation or the transparency of the tag. This tool is very useful in situations when you have lots of images and you have to watermark all of them or when you need to add copyrights to your projects.

To ease your work, the soft has the drag and drop feature. By using the resize function you can change the resolution of your image. You have the ability to choose between a scale proportional with the width, the height or both of them. The preferences tab allows you to choose the output file format. A big disadvantage is that it has only 4 available extensions, .jpg, .png, .bmp, and .tiff.

In my opinion, this is a good working utility that gets your job done quickly. It is well structured, and at the same time, is has a nice design. Its only drawback is the small number of output file formats.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Uses both text and image watermarks


  • Small number of file formats
  • Some limitations provided by this edition
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